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Installation of Thessla Green Home 400V heat recovery

Yesterday we had the opportunity to present a recuperator called Thessla Green Airpack4 and today we will show the second model offered by the same manufacturer. The equipment visible in the photo is the Home 400V version. At first glance, you probably noticed differences in size and appearance, but this is not the only difference. […]

Heat recovery installation near Rotmanka

Heat recovery installation carried out in the neighborhood near Rotmanka using URSA AIR ducts. Due to the installation in the attic, together with the client, we decided on a Thessla Green recuperator in the Airpack4 version, which is adapted to work at low temperatures due to its good insulation and lack of thermal bridges. List […]

Heat recovery and air conditioning installation near Gdynia

The installation of heat recovery and air conditioning in the form of a multisplit system was carried out at one of our clients near Gdynia. For the uninitiated, we explain that recuperation is ventilation with heat recovery.The recuperator has a heat exchanger thanks to which the air leaving the building heats the air entering it. […]