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    Recuperation is the professional word for mechanical ventilation. Traditional ventilation works by sucking in air, but this does not remove moisture from the house and cools it down. The recuperator, a device necessary for ventilation, produces air in two directions at the same time, one of which is dirty and warm air, the other is clean and cold. It is thanks to anemostats – grids on the ceiling and wall – that dirty air is extracted from the rooms. The recuperator contains two ventilation ducts, fresh air is distributed throughout the house and dirty air is removed outside.

    For allergy sufferers, heat recovery is a great convenience because it allows heating fresh air, while removing all pollutants and allergens, which cannot be achieved by simply airing the room. Any cigarette smoke or smoke from chimneys will not be a problem, because recuperation is based on bringing only fresh, clean air into your home.

    When we look at how traditional ventilation, i.e. gravity ventilation, works, we will have no problem with an objective assessment of which of these methods is better and more efficient. Gravity ventilation pulls warm air out of your home without storing it anywhere, which is a waste of the money you paid to heat that air. Moreover, regular ventilation does not remove pollutants like heat recovery. When the room is stuffy, we open the window. Smoke, outdoor pollution and pollen, everything flies into our house and for allergy sufferers it is pure hell. Thanks to heat recovery, we can easily eliminate this nuisance, because it is recommended to leave the windows closed when using the heat recovery unit. In energy-efficient houses, no other ventilation than heat recovery should be used. Humid air does not escape anywhere, so moisture accumulates in the apartment, which, as we know, can cause really serious health problems.

    Even if we decide to build a house away from neighbors who would smoke in chimneys, we will not escape from pollen, and when heat recovery is installed in our house, we do not have to worry about a runny nose or red eyes, which keep all allergy sufferers awake at night.