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Feelco – the latest generation of forced air heating

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery – an essential element of your building. We would like to present you a new generation of air heating system. Feelco is one system that combines many functions such as:air heating, air conditioning, ventilation with heat recovery, humidity and air purity control.

Forget about ugly radiators!!!

Feelco blower heating, unlike other heating systems, does not contain water and the energy carrier is air. From now on, we can forget about unsightly radiators or underfloor heating, which determines the choice of surface. Warm floor in the bathroom? We have a solution for that!
The presented system guarantees a discreet air flow, i.e. inaudible and imperceptible to us, and a network of cleverly hidden channels, already at the stage of building the house, distributes air to every corner of the house via a grid placed in the floor and wall or the ceiling. Air supply grilles can be visually adapted to the surface on which they are placed due to the presence of many patterns and colors.

Decide on all air parameters in your home

Feelco forced-air heating is an unrivaled system that allows you to decide on all air parameters via a touch wall controller, smartphone or tablet.

Regardless of the season, Feelco air heating adapts to our needs.


We send warm air to the rooms through the supply grilles, thanks to which we heat them instantly. Of course, the heated air often requires humidification to maintain the highest level of comfort, and this will be provided by acentral humidifier. But that’s not all! The whole thing is combined with a heat recovery module that ensures that the air in the house is alsofreshat the same time.
None of us likes cleaning. We care about the feeling of freshness and cleanliness. This is taken care of by aspecialized filter, which cleans the air in your home 24 hours a day, and we will select the filtration class to suit your needs, even if you are allergic. Winter – Feelco will make sure that the air in your home is warm, appropriately humid, fresh and, above all, clean.
Spring autumn

Everything is still under control. We do not heat or cool, but we keep the air fresh and as clean as possible.

The system provides us with a comfortable temperature using theair conditioningmodule, of course, all the time with ventilation and taking care of the air quality. Rainy day, stuffy? Feelco will recognize this condition and immediatelydrythe air in your home.

Serious savings, up to 30%-40%

There is no denying that air heating is considerably more economical than traditional water-based systems. Among other things, due to no transfer medium – we heat the air with air and avoid energy losses (higher system efficiency), due to low inertia the system prepares the right temperature for us a moment before the time we set in our schedule (e.g. in the morning when getting up or in the afternoon when coming home). The air heating system recognises the habits of the household members and even very high temperatures are reached in a few minutes. In addition, due to the combination of several functions (heating, ventilation and even air conditioning), the total running costs are significantly lower compared to these systems working independently. In addition, thanks to the division of the house into zones, we can decide on the parameters in each independently. So, for example, we are currently heating or cooling the zone we are in – saving.

Versions of the Feelco system available to you

Hybrid Heating and Feelco Heating

Feelco heating – the latest version of forced-air heating based on theHeat Pumpdedicated to facilities without access to natural gas and for customers who care about air conditioning. The Mitsubishi Zubadan pump is currently the #1 product in the world. This is evidenced by the fact that the device guarantees power even at an external temperature of -32oC – without an additional heat source. Thanks to the use of a compressor with HIC subcooling and additional steam injection, the highest level on the equipment market has been achieved, mainly because these units are specially designed for areas with very low external temperatures. A variable-speed compressor with speeds up to 7,000 rpm guarantees low operating costs but, above all, the highest comfort of use. It is also important that in this system the same pump serves as air conditioning in the summer. Hybrid heating – air heating based on gas with an optional Heat Pump intended for buildings connected to the gas network. The heat source in this case is a gas heater, which in cooperation with a heat pump (e.g. Mitsubishi) creates a hybrid system. This means that, depending on the outside temperature, the system selects which source is more economical at a given moment. This makes us somewhat independent from unpredictable fuel prices while ensuring maximum comfort throughout the winter and pleasant coolness in the summer thanks to the air conditioning function.


of purchase in installments

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