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Mechanical ventilation is a system responsible for the continuous supply of fresh air to rooms and the removal of stale air.

Commonly used PVC windows are very tight, which makes air circulation difficult. Such conditions favor the development of fungi that are harmful to health, and once they appear, they become very difficult to remove. On the other hand, opening windows frequently to ventilate the room often results in drafts and heat loss. Of course, this increases the costs of heating the house, because the warm air from the apartment escapes outside.

Mechanical ventilation means there is no need to open windows, which eliminates the problem of drafts and heat loss. Additionally, the air circulation it creates protects our rooms against mold and fungi.

Another extremely important advantage is the fact that mechanical ventilation allows for the recovery of large amounts of warm air discharged for reuse. This feature is invaluable for savings, as it allows for significant reductions in room ventilation costs. Heat recovery using such a ventilation system reaches up to over 90%.

Mechanical ventilation is also more than just saving money. It’s also about health and safety. By installing such a system, we ensure hygienic living and working conditions in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. We are surrounded by fresh, warm air free of allergens and pollutants. This has a positive impact on the well-being and comfort of residents and employees.

Additionally, mechanical ventilation increases safety because it eliminates the need to open windows. This is especially important in tall buildings such as office buildings. This solution is perfect for hotels and public spaces, and the mechanism of the ventilation systems itself enables full control of efficiency and costs.

Our company ProBlast successfully installs this type of systems in single-family houses and other commercial facilities. We also offer maintenance services during use, so that the mechanical ventilation we offer will serve you for many years. This solution is worth your attention, and at the same time economical and extremely functional. The fact that it works perfectly in all types of buildings for various purposes proves how good this system is. Mechanical ventilation is a wise choice.