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Heat recovery and air conditioning installation near Gdynia

The installation of heat recovery and air conditioning in the form of a multisplit system was carried out at one of our clients near Gdynia.

For the uninitiated, we explain that recuperation is ventilation with heat recovery.
The recuperator has a heat exchanger thanks to which the air leaving the building heats the air entering it. This solution allows you to reduce heating bills while ventilating the building.

In turn, mutlisplit air conditioning is a type of installation that uses several internal units in combination with one external unit.

In this case, we used devices such as:

  • Haier Peral 2kw indoor air conditioner – bedroom
  • Haier Peral 3.5kw indoor air conditioner – living room
  • Outdoor unit – 5kw 2U50S2SM1FA-3 unit – 1 piece
  • Hyundai HRS-300 recuperator

If you would like to learn more about the heat recovery installation offer, please contact one of our specialists:

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Feelco blower heating, air conditioning
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Our services also include installation of heat recovery, ventilation, photovoltaics, forced-air heating and air conditioning.