Problast – Pompy Ciepła Wentylacja Klimatyzacja

Welcome to our headquarters!

We encourage anyone interested in our offer to visit the headquarters of our company located here 👉 Address: Jarzębinowa 32, 83-010 Rotmanka

In addition to the office, we have the so-called Showroom, i.e. a room where we can present the offered devices, such as heat recovery units or air conditioners, as well as the assembly elements we work on, including: URSA AIR ducts, distribution and expansion boxes, ventilation pipes and anemostats in various colors. Customers often do not know what these products look like, so the opportunity to see them live often opens their eyes and allows them to notice the quality differences between our solutions and the competition.

As a company that has been operating for 16 years, we have always taken into account the quality of the elements we work with because they affect the operation of the systems and their durability.

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