Problast – Pompy Ciepła Wentylacja Klimatyzacja

Installation of a Panasonic heat pump near Tricity

This time we went to the beautiful Polish seaside to one of our clients to install a Panasonic heat pump. As you have probably already noticed, this heat pump is different from the others we have shown. This is the so-called “fridge”, i.e. an internal unit connected to a domestic hot water (DHW) tank. This […]

Modernization of heating in the Gdynia area

Our client from the Gdynia area decided to modernize his heating source and chose an AUX air-water split heat pump with a capacity of 16 kW. ✔ For the installation, we used a 200-liter Ferroli hot water tank and a 120-liter Galmet buffer. Our client from the Gdynia area decided to modernize his heating source […]

Jabłoniowy Dworek 

The cascade of Panasonic heat pumps made by our company in Jabłonowy Dworek located in Malenin has been completed. We believe that our team was up to the task with this installation, and you can see the effects of this work on our website. You are probably curious about the power of the presented pumps. […]

Dudek Apartments

We are proud to present our latest commercial project in the “DUDEK” apartment building, located by the sea in Rowy. The key element of our heating and cooling system is the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump cascade with an impressive power of 115 kW. This advanced technology not only ensures reliable heating of the entire building, […]

95% co-financing for 3 systems

Thanks to our help, our client received 95% funding for the installation of 3 systems, which ones? Recuperation Heat pump Photovoltaics The recuperation system is powered by an armored Thessla Green unit in the Airpack4 version together with a system of low-noise URSA AIR channels combined with fi75 antibacterial channels and internally insulated distribution boxes […]

Heat pump for PLN 0?

As a company that aims to satisfy our customers, we help them with financing from which they can receive up to 100% refund of the contract value. The pump you see in the photos is a Panasonic, installed on PP pipes with additional rubber insulation. We are one of the few companies that have a […]