Problast – Pompy Ciepła Wentylacja Klimatyzacja

Jabłoniowy Dworek 

The cascade of Panasonic heat pumps made by our company in Jabłonowy Dworek located in Malenin has been completed.

We believe that our team was up to the task with this installation, and you can see the effects of this work on our website.

You are probably curious about the power of the presented pumps. These are four units of the T-CAP model with a power of 16 kW each, which gives us a total of 64 kW. This set has been connected to:
  • Two 300L domestic hot water tanks
  • CW 500L tank
  • 400L buffer

As standard, the installation was made of PP pipes, which were then insulated by us.

Heat pumps will heat the entire manor, including hot water for its guests.

Heat pumps have been operating in this facility for a month now and its owner is very satisfied with this investment and the results of the work. You can listen to his statement below.

If you would like to learn more about the heat pump installation offer, please contact one of our specialists: JANUSZ ŚLEDZIEWSKI Air-water heat pumps, photovoltaics [email protected] tel. 515 072 646 MICHAŁ BANDZAREWICZ Air-water heat pumps, photovoltaics [email protected] tel. 798 831 464 If you are interested in our offer or would like to ask about the installation of a device of another brand, please visit our “Contact” tab, where you will find contact information for our representatives.

Our services also include installation of heat recovery, ventilation, photovoltaics, forced-air heating and air conditioning.


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