Problast – Pompy Ciepła Wentylacja Klimatyzacja

Installation of a Panasonic heat pump near Tricity

This time we went to the beautiful Polish seaside to one of our clients to install a Panasonic heat pump.

As you have probably already noticed, this heat pump is different from the others we have shown. This is the so-called “fridge”, i.e. an internal unit connected to a domestic hot water (DHW) tank. This solution allows you to shorten the working time and reduce the amount of space needed for installation, thanks to its compact design.

For those interested, below is the exact pump model:
  • WH-UDO7JE5 outdoor unit
  • WH-ADC0309J3E5 indoor unit
The small white tank next to our “fridge” is an expansion vessel.

If you would like to learn more about the heat pump installation offer, please contact one of our specialists:

Air-water heat pumps, photovoltaics
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Air-water heat pumps, photovoltaics
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Our services also include installation of heat recovery, ventilation, photovoltaics, forced-air heating and air conditioning.