Problast – Pompy Ciepła Wentylacja Klimatyzacja

Our standards

We are one of the few (if not the only ones) who always perform installations around the recuperator, i.e. supply and exhaust ducts and air intakes with an exhaust, always in a low-noise system. Every centimeter of such an installation is a silencer, which guarantees that there is no sound transfer from the fans in the recuperator towards the diffusers in the rooms as well as the external air intake and exhaust outlets – often impossible to eliminate in mechanical ventilation. There are rectangular channels made of compressed mineral wool with an aluminum external coating and a material internal coating with maximum attenuation, i.e. the lowest possible acoustic level. This is an alternative to the outdated technology of steel spiro channels, which has more disadvantages than advantages.

Humidity – you can control it

Summer – the air is often too humid – intensive ventilation effectively dries the air, which increases the comfort of staying in the building

Winter – here, in turn, the intense air exchange process in the house often causes it to become too dry due to the very low water vapor content in the outdoor air. After heating it, it often turns out that it is too dry. By using ventilation with heat recovery in cooperation with a specialist humidifier, you can raise the humidity to the selected level.


When you choose our mechanical ventilation, you always get:

– installation designed by an engineer with many years of experience – several hundred installations completed

– high quality of materials used – direct impact on the tightness and durability of the installation

– a guarantee of high operating culture of the installation – the lowest possible acoustic levels

– the highest quality of installation – always under the supervision of an engineer

– ergonomically placed control panel so that it takes up as little space as possible

– the most beautiful anemostats available on the market

– possibility of easy telephone/email contact before, during and after implementation with the project leader


of purchase in installments

Take advantage of the Clean Air Program and get up to 90% funding for ventilation installation.

We help in completing the Application.

Our partner's video comparing wool ducts to spiro pipes.

Distribution system
Technology intended for multi-story buildings where there is no room for channels with larger cross-sections. This is where the most modern and technologically advanced method comes to our aid in terms ofhiding the installation. It is a system of plastic pipes with an antibacterial coating connected in tightness class C – double seals. This installation requires only 5 cm or 7.5 cm in height, so it is easily hidden in the insulation layer on or under the ceiling without any major problems. All thin pipes are collectively connected into a distribution box and the air is further transported through a low-noise system, which is our specialty.

Two technologies

Control humidity – central humidifier
We can equip each installation with an additional central humidifier that willcontrol the humidity in your home. This is especially important in winter when a large amount of fresh air significantly reduces the humidity in the house. Our nasal mucosa and eye conjunctiva suffer. There may even be breathing problems, especially in children – we feel discomfort. For example, how many times did the doctor say when the child was sick in winter to lower the temperature in the room – this way the air humidity increased. Now, in the ventilation system with heat recovery, we can control this parameter.
Centrala wentylacyjna – Rekuperator Air handling unit – Heat recovery unit
We recommend the ThesslaGreen brand. These are devices that, in my opinion, have the best value for money, but it should be noted that this is a top-shelf product – efficiency up to 96%, automatic bypass, DC fans, advanced controller functions, anti-freeze heater, etc. Of course, we can install any product on the market because we cooperate with all distributors in Poland – I am happy to advise you in case of any doubts.

Tight houses – no gravity ventilation.

In modern construction, with high tightness and insulation, our house behaves like a thermos. Only the use of mechanical ventilation gives the desired results that will meet even the highest requirements. In gravity ventilation, by installing a grate on the chimney (e.g. in the bathroom, kitchen), we try to exhaust air when there is no source of fresh air in the house. This function used to be performed by leaks in windows or doors – now they no longer exist. The result is that the ventilation does not function properly most of the time, and in addition, in summer, when there is no clear temperature difference (internal to external), air exchange in the house is guaranteed only by opening the window, which means a draft and dust is drawn into the house.

Ventilation system with heat recovery

How does a ventilation system with heat recovery work?

Water vapor condensation - fungus on the wall
If there is insufficient ventilation in the room, there is anincrease in humidity. When air comes into contact with a colder wall, water vapor condenses (the so-called dew point). This is a short way for fungi or mold to form on this surface. Basically, the best solution is to use ventilation with heat recovery to supply fresh air and at the same time remove used, often too humid air.
Ekonomia – liczymy pieniądzeEconomics – we count money
Increasing the insulation and tightness of external walls of buildings results in lower operating costs. The use of old gravity ventilation technology results in large heat losses in winter – we literally throw it out of the house through the chimney. Here, ventilation with heat recovery comes to our aid, which not only provides us with huge amounts of fresh air, but also ensures that the heat in the house is retained from the exhaust air.


The basic features of a good-class device include:

✔ Heat exchanger – counter-current (RecAir), efficiency up to 96%
✔ Air flows in the Tichelmann system – perfectly uniform flow through the exchanger, lowest flow resistance with no water entrainment by the fans
✔ Fans – DC motors (RadiCal), the quietest operation and full adjustment range from 0 to 100%
✔ FPX anti-freeze system – automation that regulates smoothly and proportionally to needs, minimal energy consumption
✔ Automatic bypass – especially important in summer when we do not care about maintaining heat in the house but about keeping it cool at night
✔ Automatic ConstantFlow flow control – real-time performance adjustment to current weather conditions and filter contamination
✔ Automatic control of CP filters – measurement of the degree of contamination and the need for replacement via pressure switches
✔ Control system – touch wall controller, analog controller on the device or mobile WIFI
✔ G4 pleated filters – possibility of using higher class filters

Control everything yourself

In mechanical ventilation, through the use of control systems, you can precisely regulate the amount of fresh air at a specific time during the day. This can be done using a wall controller as well as a smartphone. By setting the recuperator’s operating schedule, you regulate the efficiency depending on your needs – depending on whether you are resting after work, sleeping or receiving guests.