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How to properly install a heat pump?

How to properly install a heat pump? Property owners who decide to install a heat pump always want to learn more about this type of systems before making the final decision. Investors need clear information on the principles of operation of such devices and factors affecting operating costs. Additionally, it is also worth familiarizing yourself […]

Welcome to our headquarters!

Welcome to our headquarters! We encourage anyone interested in our offer to visit the headquarters of our company located here 👉 Address: Jarzębinowa 32, 83-010 Rotmanka In addition to the office, we have the so-called Showroom, i.e. a room where we can present the offered devices, such as heat recovery units or air conditioners, as […]

We remind you about services!

WE ARE REMINDING If you have decided to install air conditioning, heat recovery, heat pump or other device from our offer, do not forget about annual services, which will allow for uninterrupted operation of these products, but will also ensure their longer “life” and warranty protection. You can check the date of the upcoming inspection […]

Always tailored to the client

Always tailored to the client If you are curious about the times our installers work, we are happy to inform you that our installations can take place at various times and days of the week, including weekends. We always try to meet the expectations of our customers, so we take their plans into account and […]

Our warehouse shelves are literally bursting with goods!

Our warehouse shelves are literally bursting with goods! Why are we showing you this?Because the products we work with matter. Before the quote, each customer should receive information from the installation company about the characteristics of their materials, because they will have a direct impact on the operation and quality of the installation. Customers often […]

Mornings at Problast

Our installers are currently preparing their equipment and devices in accordance with our customers’ orders. Our team already consists of over 40 installers, so we are quite busy every morning. We approach each investor individually, so if you have any special requests regarding installation, date or time, just inform your representative and together we will […]