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How to save when building a house?

This seemingly complicated system is nothing more than a combination of recuperation (ventilation with heat recovery) with a duct air conditioner, thanks to which we can heat or cool our house at will. Where are the savings? At the construction stage, by choosing this system, we do not have to build a chimney or a […]

3-in-1 innovation

A forced-air heating system is an ideal solution for people who are building or modernizing their house from scratch. It is nothing more than a combination of air conditioning, heating and ventilation in one system using URSA AIR low-noise ducts. This is not a cheap solution, but when we take into account the fact that […]

Blower heating with heat recovery in the first CUBE showroom in Poland

We installed a forced-air heating system with heat recovery in the FIRST CUBE SHOWROOM in POLAND. Last Saturday, we took part in the grand opening of the first CUBE bicycle showroom in Poland, where our company was responsible for the provision of forced-air heating and heat recovery. According to the assumptions, the entire installation was […]