Problast – Pompy Ciepła Wentylacja Klimatyzacja

Wie kann man beim Hausbau sparen?

This seemingly complicated system is nothing more than a combination of recuperation (ventilation with heat recovery) with a duct air conditioner, thanks to which we can heat or cool our house at will.

Where are the savings?

At the construction stage, by choosing this system, we do not have to build a chimney or a heating installation such as radiators or underfloor heating.
In the photos you can see the system created using Mitsubishi Electric components and low-noise channels created by hand using URSA AIR airfoils. It involves simultaneous ventilation of rooms with heat recovery and temperature control using one controller.

If there are no radiators or underfloor heating, what other elements will be visible in the room?
The answer is simple, these are ventilation grilles in two variants:

  • wooden
  • metal

You can see them in the photos sent.

Additionally, we have installed air conditioning and cold rooms in this building.

Our services also include installation of heat recovery, ventilation, photovoltaics, forced-air heating and air conditioning.